Monday, 6 June 2011

Fast Forward Monday

Fast Forward Monday Meme is hosted by Mysteriousrose over at Mysterious Books and gives us a chance to talk about what we will be reading/doing during the coming week!

Currently I'm reading DarkFever by Karen Marie Mooning but I have to admit I'm not enjoying it :( It is not what I expected it to be and I am finding it difficult to relate or sympathize with the main character. I will keep reading and hopefully it will pick up soon.

This week I hope to start reading Jane Eyre for the Books to Movies challenge hosted by Two Bibliomaniacs. The movie is coming out in Ireland next month and the trailer looks amazing so I'm very excited to get started on the book!  It will be my first book/movie for the challenge.

If I have enough time this week I'll be taking part in Teaser Tuesday, My Book Boyfriend on Wednesday and Theme Thursday!

Happy Blogging!


  1. Great FFW!

    Thank you so muck for taking part in this meme.

    I have read DarkFever and I will say that I didn't like the main character but it gets better after book one so I hope you will keep on reading.

    The Books to Movies challenge sounds very interesting and I will look forward to reading your posts.

    I'm a new follower^^

    Have a great day.

    (I don't know why but it's not posting my name, it's Mysteriousrose:-)

  2. Hey,

    I have no idea why your name didn't come up. I fully believe my blog has a life of it's own and ignores me completely.

    I'm delighted to hear the series gets better after book one. I'll keep reading!

  3. Looks like you've got a great line up for the week ahead. And thanks for letting me know about the Books to Movies challenge - I've just signed up!

    And yesterday I finished The Mermaid Chair - great read. I'm glad I actually picked it up and kept reading this time - I really enjoyed it!

    I also wanted to let you know I've passed a sweet little award your way.

  4. Oh this is a nice little meme. I haven't seen it before. I have several books I'm trying to get through this week as I wasn't able to get any reading done over the weekend as I usually do. But I'm reading Iron Daughter with a few others to chat on, and hoping to finish it over the weekend coming. Starting Wanderlust by Ann Aguirre for chats on my blog. And try to finish a review book, Sword of Fire and Sea by Erin Hoffman.

    Hope you have a great week!