Monday, 18 July 2011

Fast Forward Monday

Fast Forward Monday Meme is hosted by Mysteriousrose over at Mysterious Books and gives us a chance to talk about what we will be reading/doing during the coming week!

Ah, two weeks ago was hectic, last week was even more hectic and this week is looking to be just as messy! I have had zero time for blogging recently :( Which is upsetting me greatly. So this week I am seriously going to make some time each evening to come online. I don't care how tired I am after work! 

I have lots planned for this week.

  • I recently finished reading City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare and will be reviewing it very soon, maybe tomorrow!
  • I will also be reviewing Douchebag Roulette by Marie Simas. 
  • I have just started a new book called: Called Home: Two Hearts Answer by Gloria Schumann 
  • Of course I will be taking part in a few memes here and there!
  • AND, I almost forgot! On Thursday 21st I will be announcing the winner of my GIVEAWAY! I am so excited about it!! If you haven't already entered it, get on with it! Enter Here!

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