Saturday, 23 July 2011

Review: Douchebag Roulette by Marie Simas

Goodreads Info: Douchebag Roulette is the second release by bestselling author Marie Simas. Prepare yourself—this collection will have you laughing out loud! As one commenter said, “This is a small glimpse into some horrible universe, and I love it!” 

*Advisory: Mature humor, some adult content

*This book was kindly sent to me for a fair review by Defiant Press.

Douchebag Roulette is a short book (58 pages in all) that only takes about an hour to read.  Each story is a few pages long and Simas writes in such a blunt manner that it is sometimes shocking. This is very apparent in Gym Bush, which also happens to be one on my favourites. It was hilariously horrible, but being Irish, I have slightly crude sense of humour so it worked for me!

I particularly enjoyed The Smartest Douchebag and Scratch and Sniff Neil. Walmart Bingo was the perfect story to end with. It was amusing, involving a game that had me reading it out loud to my boyfriend, but was also a story about a random act of kindness that was lovely to read. 

While there were some funny moments in this book, there was also a darker, sadder side to some of the stories.  So I would remind you that there is an adult content and mature humour advisory. There were also a few spelling mistakes throughout the book which bugged me a little. 

Overall I enjoyed most of the stories. I think it would be hilarious to leave this book in your bathroom for guests to have a read of ;) I am interested in looking up Simas's first release "Do Tampons Take Your Virginity?"  3 out of 5 stars.


  1. This sounds like Modine Gunch in Never heave your bossum in a front hook bra. I think I would enjoy this book. Thanks for a great review. Donna

  2. That review was great! I totally want to read that! Sounds awesome!

  3. I love books that have a bit of bite and humor. Very convincing review. I'm a new GFC follower and I'd love to have you visit me.

  4. This book sounds pretty darn funny!